Our exchange trip to Markkleeberg

On Monday, we left at 8:30 hrs. After four hours of driving we stopped and had a break for thirty minutes. After a long drive of eight hours in total, we arrived in Markkleeberg. We were so happy to see everyone again. We met our host families and had dinner with them. After dinner, we met up at the lake. Some of us took a swim and others stayed at the beach. We got home around 11 pm.

On Tuesday morning, we, together with our German partners, went with our own coach to the BMW factory, which was located outside Leipzig. When we arrived, we received a small set of headphones from which we could hear our tour-guide speaking. We got a 3-hour guided tour around the factory plant. In this tour we learned about the different robots, machines and materials the factory uses.The BMW also has a sustainability programme, e.g. windmills for energy supply and apple trees for which they keep 1.5 mln bees.

After that we went to the city of Leipzig, where we first got some free time to explore the city. Our next stop was the Panometer. This is a gigantic former gasometer with a panorama picture all around. This year’s theme was the Titanic. 
Then we got the choice to either go back into the city, or return to Markkleeberg. 
Afterwards we had an evening with our host-families, and that was the end of this busy day.  

On wednesday school started at 07:30, which meant we were all tired. Our school day contained a project with the question “Can Markkleeberg and Epe become twin cities?” This project consisted of some assignments which we had to finish on Thursday. Every group came up with their own view on the task. Some made a film and others made an amazing logo with a slogan. The school day ended at 14:15. After the school day everyone could decide what they wanted to do. Most of the students went home and met in the afternoon at the lake.

On Thursday we had to be at school at 7:30 AM. We had to prepare the presentations, about the possible-twin cities  Markkleeberg and Epe, and had to present them at 10:15. At one o’clock only the Dutch students left by bus to the Monument of the Battle of Nations. We had to climb up 572 narrow steps to enjoy to the beautiful view of Leipzig on top of the building. Around 2 o’clock, we drove back to the school were we went canoeing through a small river from one lake to another. At 4 o’clock, we finished the canoeing lesson and got ready for the barbecue. After we had eaten we thanked the teachers for having us and the winners of the presentation were announced (group 1: Dione, Madelief, Selina, Leoni, Annika, other Annika and Farah). Shortly after having said that, all the students arranged a farewell party at the lake. It was an amazing evening and sadly we had to leave the next day.

On Friday, we gathered around at the school at 7:45 and said goodbye to everyone. Some of us took a nap in the bus. After a few hours we had a break at the Mc Donald’s. Back in the bus again, we watched the World Championship. We were back in Epe around 16:00 hrs and our parents were waiting for us. Everyone was really tired and happy to see their parents again. We all had an amazing time.

3At students